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  • Which is good for threaded components?

    Which is good for threaded components?

    Precautions for disassembly and disassembly of thread components: ◆ Preparation is sufficient, except for basic disassembly tools, su

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  • Threaded component processing

    Threaded component processing

    The product is used in the same direction parallel twin-screw extruder and is the main wearing part and main accessory of the same-di

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  • Non-standard threaded component customization

    Non-standard threaded component customization

    This thread component manufacturer specializes in the production of precision extruder thread component parts by German technical pro

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  • Barrel manufacturer

    Barrel manufacturer

    Nanjing Fengsheng Rubber & Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of threaded components, threaded sleeves, kneadi

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  • Accessories


    Product advantages: 1. Our company has advanced machining centers, thread grinding, CNC milling and other special processing equipmen

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  • Extruder cylinder

    Extruder cylinder

    The function of the cylinder is to provide the pressure space required for the process. It is one of the most important pressure comp

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  • Feeder accessories

    Feeder accessories

    The feeding equipment is an auxiliary equipment in the mechanized storage and transportation system of the lime production enterprise

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  • Which is good for the feeder?

    Which is good for the feeder?

    Installation and maintenance a. When the feeder is used for batching and dosing, to ensure uniform and stable feeding, prevent the ma

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  • Extruder core

    Extruder core

    Size range: diameter 10-120MM / length 500-9000MM material: 40CrNiMo under normal conditions, after special treatment, using involute

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  • Twin screw mandrel

    Twin screw mandrel

    The mandrel is an important component to ensure smooth operation of the extruder, so we will perform multiple tests on each combinati

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  • Extruder barrel

    Extruder barrel

    Main product specifications ◆Extruder barrel screw specifications: Φ15-Φ300 ◆ length to diameter ratio: L/D=15-46 ◆ injection molding

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  • Screw component processing

    Screw component processing

    The conveying element is mainly a thread structure, and its function is to convey the material and give the material a certain thrust

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