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The international influence of twin-screw extruders continues to rise

Through years of development, the international influence of the twin-screw extruder industry continues to rise, followed by aerospace, defense, kerosene, transportation, transportation and other major factors in the mass economy, and the capacity of the twin-screw extruder will be further expanded. The growth of the plastic machine industry has ushered in the golden age of growth and rapid growth of Kemen.

In the past two years, China's twin-screw extruder shopping malls have also been a small trek and broken. In China's twin-screw machinery shopping malls, extruders as an important processing equipment, the prospects are very bleak, China's twin-screw machine enterprises have expanded over the years. The opening of new extruders in the extruder has further increased brand awareness, and the cooperation of shopping malls has further improved the twin-screw upgrade, and the export share of the new-style countries will also be greatly improved.

From an international perspective, China is still in the stage of industrialization, dynamics, urbanization, shopping mallization, and internationalization. It is still in the process of demanding strategic opportunities, which will also give endless motivation to the extruder profession. The warming of international shopping malls has brought faith to extruder companies.

China's twin-screw extruder industry is advancing towards health, from scratch, from import to production, from imitation to independent innovation, and the process of self-improvement. Belong to your own twin-screw extrusion machinery to meet your own needs and even international needs.