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Looking at the quality of the screw components of the extruder parts from the quality of plasticizing?

It is no exaggeration to say that the screw element is the heart of the extruder. Its good or bad can determine the production capacity, plasticizing quality, solution temperature, power consumption, etc. of a plastic extruder. These factors are related to the function of a screw component. Plasticizing quality refers to the excellent plasticity of plastics in the barrel after heating to the active condition. A good screw element must be able to produce plastic products that meet the quality requirements.

Compliance with quality requirements means that the products produced should meet the following requirements:

1. It has various functions that meet the physical, chemical, mechanical, and electrical requirements of the rules.

2. Have the appearance quality that meets the requirements. If you can reach the user's requirements for bubble, crystal point, dyeing uniformity and so on.

3. Plasticizing quality of screw components with requirements:

1) The melt temperature of the good screw element is uniform, the axial fluctuation and the radial temperature difference are not large.

2) Good screw elements have a lower melt temperature that can be formed.

3) The melt pressure squeezed by the rotation of the good screw element is small.

4) Good screw elements can make the dyeing and other additives evenly dispersed.

It is worth noting that low temperature extrusion can improve the quality of extruded products (such as lower internal stress, etc.), avoid heat-sensitive materials from overheating and differentiation, reduce energy consumption, reduce the burden on the main and auxiliary machine cooling system, and improve yield. Low temperature extrusion is a current trend. In view of some of the shortcomings of conventional single- screw components , a variety of new single-screw components have been developed based on specific improvements and different types of processed plastics.

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