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Maintenance of composite crusher cylinder

The composite crusher cylinder has a conical shape, which is mainly made of a steel material and welded and cast. The effect of the cylinder in the machine is to supply the environment for material production, and it also has the effect of reducing the wear of the parts. In order to improve the service life of the crusher cylinder, it is necessary to provide a reasonable protection. Let's introduce the protection of the composite crusher cylinder:

1, view

Viewing is the primary task of the composite crusher cylinder protection. A punctual inspection of the crusher cylinder can prevent an attack of safety hazards. The items to be viewed include: a wear condition of the cylinder wall, the degree of tightness of the barrel fastener, and the presence or absence of corrosion on the outer surface of the cylinder. If the above phenomenon is found, the demand should be treated in time to prevent the occurrence of the problem. .

2, clean

Because the composite crusher often performs fine or superfine crushing operations, it is inevitable that a lot of dust will occur during production. Therefore, the demanding staff cleans the dust on the outer surface of the cylinder in time during the shutdown. First, it can prevent the corrosion of the cylinder due to excessive dust accumulation. Second, it can prevent the dust from entering the cylinder and forming the rotor bearing.

3, repair

Correcting the cylinder in time can reduce the frequency of replacing the cylinder, which together may prevent the occurrence of a greater safety hazard. The repair contents of the composite crusher cylinder include the bolts of the fastening cylinder, the small cracks on the outer surface of the welding correction cylinder, and the anti-freezing oil applied to the cylinder.