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What kinds of hoppers are used for the extruder barrel feeding?

The structure of the hopper for feeding the cylinder is generally used in a conventional hopper, a forced feed hopper and an oscillating feed hopper.

(1) Oscillating hopper

The structure of the oscillating feed hopper is relatively simple, except that an electromagnetic oscillator is added to the common hopper. When the demand in the cylinder is fed, the oscillator is started to shake the hopper in the horizontal direction, and the material in the hopper overcomes the frictional resistance with the hopper wall and the material and the material, and the movement slides down in the jitter and enters the cylinder.

The oscillating hopper feeding is suitable for powder materials or pellets. The structure is simple and not simple, and the material is “bridged”. It is useful for low cost.

(2) Ordinary hopper

Ordinary hopper. This type of hopper with a simple structure and low cost is often used for feeding the cylinder on a small extruder. The feeding method of the hopper is free to fall into the cylinder body depending on the weight of the pellet itself. Therefore, during the operation, attention should also be paid to prevent the phenomenon of "bridge" in the hopper and affect the continuous feeding of the extruder.

(3) Forced hopper

Forced hopper feeds are often used in large extruders or when the extruded material is a powder. The spiral is driven to rotate by the motor through the worm and the worm wheel, and a tension spring is applied to the spiral to apply a certain pressure to the spiral, so that the material is pressed into the cylinder when the spiral rotates. When the material in the cylinder is full, the back pressure of the pressed material pushes up the screw and stops the cylinder feeding. When there is no material in the cylinder, the spiral is pressed by the spring force and continuously rotates to feed the cylinder.

This forced feeding method prevents the "bridge" phenomenon of the material in the hopper, ensures the continuous feeding of the hopper, and ensures the continuous feeding of the extruder.

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