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Which is good for threaded components?

Which is good for threaded components?

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Precautions for disassembling threaded components :

◆ Preparation is sufficient, except for basic disassembly tools, such as air guns, copper brushes, sandpaper, clean rags, paper bags for placing components, etc.

◆ Take out or nest in order according to the combination drawing

◆ Use a screw extractor; pay attention to the alignment or vertical of the collar/black point;

◆The two screws have good meshing marks: no interference when rolling, no bad noise, the position of each component is correct, and the gap between the screws is normal;

◆ After the screw is loaded into the extruder, use a special wrench to manually drive the car three times in the direction of the screw rotation to ensure that the force is easy and smooth, no abnormal noise;

◆ After heating for 5 minutes, tighten the screw head again with a special wrench;