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Non-standard threaded component customization

Non-standard threaded component customization

Product Details

This thread component manufacturer specializes in the production of precision extruder thread component parts by German technical process; it mainly produces powder alloy with high wear resistance and corrosion resistant thread components, and various solutions to solve the problems of wear resistance and corrosion resistance; we have excellent material channels and can To provide you with high quality, cost-effective products; repair the barrel, replace the inner bushing, use the European HIP process powder alloy imported material as the inner bushing;

Advantages of this threaded component manufacturer:

1. Professional services;

2. High cost performance advantage;

3. European and American quality products;

4. German process technology;

5. Precision special equipment;

6. All use of European imported materials, a variety of material solutions;

7. Management experience of foreign-funded companies, strictly in accordance with ISO9001 management system management,

8. On time delivery;

9. The product is traceable;

10. Has many years of design and mapping capabilities;