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Plastic granulator barrel

Plastic granulator barrel

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‍ ‍ The structure of the barrel is relatively simple. In a large extruder, the structure of the barrel can be composed of several segments. Since the barrel is divided into several sections, the length of each barrel is reduced, which brings convenience to the machining barrel. However, such a barrel consisting of several sections is difficult to achieve the same inner diameter dimension after machining and the inner hole concentricity accuracy of several barrels; in addition, the segmented barrel is flanged to heat the barrel and Cooling equipment placement can also cause some difficulties, and temperature control will not be too uniform. In order to save the more expensive alloy steel, the barrels of some large extruders use a method of inner hole plus bushing or casting of a wear resistant alloy layer. Such a barrel outer casing can be cast from ordinary steel to achieve the purpose of reducing the manufacturing cost of the barrel.