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Extruder barrel

Extruder barrel

Product Details

Main product specifications

Extruder barrel screw specification: Φ15-Φ300

◆ Length to diameter ratio: L/D=15-46

◆Injection molding machine melting barrel (cartridge) screw specification: 25-3200 tons clamping force 30g-25000g injection amount

Material: (1) 38CrMolA(2)SKD-61 (3)SKD-11 (4)42CrMo

Processing technology:

Heat treatment, electroplated hard chrome layer, nitriding treatment, vacuum quenching, spraying of bimetal alloy layer

Technical indicators

★ nitride layer depth: 0.5 ~ 0.8mm

★ nitride hardness: 900 ~ 1000HV

★ nitride brittle: first grade

★ Surface roughness: Ra 0.4μm

★ Screw straightness: 0.015mm

★ Hard surface chrome plating after nitriding: ≥950Hv

★ Double alloy hardness: HRC55°-62°

★ Chrome plating thickness: 0.03—0.08mm

★ Double alloy depth: > 2mm

★Bimetallic screw — 1. The base is 42CrMo 2. The base is 38CrMoALA 3. The base is SKD61.

★Stainless steel screw - adaptability range: PC, PVC, acrylic, transparent material, etc.