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Shear block manufacturer

Shear block manufacturer

Product Details

The screw element is used to feed and convey material.

The plasticization, mixing and dispersion of the material is achieved by kneading the block. For different materials, the mixing, shearing and dispersing effects can be adjusted by changing the thickness and angle of the kneading disc.

The screw element is mounted on the screw mandrel. The two screws that rotate in the same direction and are tightly engaged form a closed section, which means:

Self-cleaning of the screw element;

Material particles are not subject to excessive pressure;

Material residence time distribution is short;

The material is evenly stressed;

Easy to change colors.

At the end of each screw mandrel, a screw back is mounted which secures the screw elements to the mandrel and prevents them from moving axially. Each mandrel is connected to the output shaft of the gearbox via a spline bushing. There is a set of screw seals at the end of the screw to prevent backflow of material towards the gearbox.