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Reduce the operating cost of grinding equipment through rational design of the cylinder

As for the production cost of the grinding machine equipment, the operating cost also accounts for a large part, and the rational design of the cylinder structure that we choose for the operation cost of the falling equipment can save money and reduce the cost.

In the industrial production, self-grinding or semi-self-grinding ultra-fine ball mills used in the grinding process, its primary advantage is the low cost of operation, can handle various types of ore of viscous or clayey ore, relatively simple to use. The grinding process, the scale of useful equipment is large, the required labor is less, and the wear cost of the first grinding medium is lower. The increased use of self-grinding or semi-self-grinding ultra-fine ball mills is due to the fact that many existing plants have switched to such equipment, and new plants have chosen such equipment. This trend may not be continuous in the future, as new processes such as fine crushing, high-pressure roll grinding and ultra-fine grinding provide another alternative operating procedure, which is also to improve the grinding mill's grinding power.

The self-grinding or semi-self-grinding ultra-fine ball mill is calibrated by the aspect ratio of the mill barrel and the unloading equipment of the product. The aspect ratio is the ratio of the diameter of the barrel to the length of the barrel . The aspect ratio can often be divided into three categories:

First, the diameter is a height to diameter ratio mill of 1.2-3 times the length;

Second, the diameter and length are approximately flat; the equivalent cylinder;

Third, the length is a low aspect ratio mill with a diameter of 1.5-3 times.

According to the working condition of the ultra-fine grinding machine, we can make corresponding adjustments so that all the equipment in the mill can adapt to different kinds of grinding conditions of the ultra-fine ball mill, and such a mill can achieve the high-power production intention.

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