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Why does the extruder barrel manufacturer Nanjing Fengsheng stand up?

Nanjing Fengsheng Rubber & Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. is a Nanjing twin-screw extruder parts manufacturer specializing in the production of twin-screw extruder parts. Through years of accumulation, it has accumulated a wealth of skill and rich experience. Types of skilled personnel and advanced manufacturing processes, our threaded components , barrels , mandrel process and other skills are the domestic scientific collection of mature and solid as one of the manufacturers. With quality first, prompt delivery and reasonable price, the use of orders is the law of the order to handle the company's operation, take the brand road, and our professional concentration to get the domestic large twin-screw extruder enterprises. Lai and praise, together with the German BERSTORFF, Coblon introduced the current advanced thermal external processing technology and its production of thread components, barrels. And for the well-known foreign companies to do supporting production.

Our company has processed the German Coperion, Berstorff Germany Bellsdorf, Leistritz Germany Les, Theysohn, Buss Swiss Booth, JSW Japan Steel, Toshiba Japan Toshiba, Kobe Japan Kobe, Ikegai Japan Chiba and other models of threaded components.

Orders are instructions, quality is the life of the company, we adopt a series of methods to ensure quality:

a) Our company has the world's advanced machining center, special processing equipment such as thread grinding to ensure that the products have the same characteristics as Japanese and German products.

b) Our company has a domestic high-standard laboratory and can be connected to the world.

c) Our threaded components are made of high-quality Swiss bimetallic alloy X235, X245, Finland WR5, WR13, American powdered bismuth alloy CPM10V, SKH55, SKD11, 1.2379, S46990, Shanghai Baosteel Group Shanggang No. 5 W6Mo5Cr4V2 material and nitriding Steel (38CrMoALA) is precision-manufactured by quenching and tempering, fixed inspection, high-temperature vacuum quenching, high-temperature vacuum tempering, and external nitriding. It has the same fine wear resistance as Japanese and German products.

d) Our product vacuum fire is designated in Nanjing Coblon and Berstov, Nanjing professional heat treatment plant, strictly in accordance with Kennametal supply heat treatment process for heat treatment, product deformation is also up to German specifications.