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You understand the standard of purchasing twin-screw extruder parts

The twin-screw extruder parts group includes: parallel-oriented twin-screw extruder parts, extruder parts, and host parts. Today I am here to introduce two techniques for acquiring twin-screw extruder parts.

The top of the list, the design and processing accuracy of the extruder itself

Second, is it suitable for your processing requirements?

The top part is very simple. The first thing is to look at the hard index of his processing. The basic machining requirements are not mentioned. The most important thing is the parallelism of the screw mandrel. The gap in the meshing zone is also the screw edge and the inner wall of the barrel. The gap directly affects the quality of your processing; there is also the need for carburizing depth on the inner wall of the barrel and the appearance of the screw, which is related to the service life; if there is a constant demand for parking in the future production, it is necessary to pay attention to the heating method and heating. The power should not be too low, otherwise the warm-up time of driving again after parking and cooling will affect the progress of production. The gearbox and torque splitter sections do not have to be taken too seriously, and they meet the general accuracy specifications.

The second part is more complicated. The first thing is that you can't clearly describe it. It only says that it is used for ABS modified granulation. Only three points can be seen: 1 is used for processing ABS, the characteristic of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene copolymer is that the water absorption is relatively strong, and there is a demand for the exhaust section and the corresponding exhaust port (if the material can be baked first) Drying about 90 degrees for 3 hours may not be necessary, see the details), and it is more sensitive to temperature, the processing temperature should generally be around 245 degrees, not too high, if 挨 270 may be degraded, but modified It must have a better mixing effect and a stronger shearing effect. Therefore, the shearing heat may cause the melt temperature to be higher than the set temperature. Therefore, a forced cooling system must be used, and natural cooling cannot be relied upon. The effect is better, the air-cooling power may be lower; 2 is intended to be modified, and the modification should be modified by blending, so the different components are required to be well mixed, so the screw configuration requirements are selected. The components of the better mixed components are combined, as well as the large lead components at the exhaust port, but these are all required to be resolved according to the detailed formulation and processing requirements. You demand careful consideration; 3 is intended that the granulation, so the acquisition of the downstream division compare ancillary equipment is better.

In fact, in the acquisition of twin-screw extruder parts, you have noticed that these two problems are so good that you have chosen. If you have other tips for acquiring twin-screw extruders, please stay and let us refer to them!

Twin screw extruder parts procurement standard