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Twin screw extruder parts manufacturers fault analysis and solutions

Analysis of extrusion parts of twin-screw extruder parts manufacturers

First, the motor can not initiate

1 The power supply is not turned on or the fuse is blown.

2 There is a disconnection condition in the working line or there is looseness at the joint.

3 The servo motor control knob is not adjusted back to zero.

4 The lubricating oil pump is interlocked with the main motor, and the oil pump motor is not started.

5 The driving procedure is incorrect.

Second, the main motor operating current is unstable or high

1 The barrel is not evenly fed, and the amount of material is suddenly large and small.

2 The machine has a short constant temperature heating time and a low plasticizing temperature.

3 barrel heating temperature control is not stable, the temperature is not firm.

4 The main motor bearing is severely worn and may be damaged.

Third, the main motor bearing parts temperature is high

1 Rotor bearing lubricant is missing, there is dry interference.

7 Rotor bearings are damaged or severely worn.

Fourth, the main motor operation, the pole does not roll

1 The safety pin in the transmission system is broken.

2 barrel heating constant time is short, the machine is low in internal medicine.

The 3V belt is severely worn and the drive wheel is idling.

4 There are transmission keys falling in the transmission parts.

5 The internal quality of the barrel guessed that there was a metal foreign object stuck in the screw, making it impossible to roll.

6 drive gear teeth are broken.

5. The operating speed of the twin-screw extruder parts is not stable.

The 1V pulley base is too small, the V-belt device is too loose, and it slips during operation.

2 The speed control device of the motor is out of order and the control is out of order.

3 barrel heating temperature control is not stable, the temperature is not firm; the material inside the barrel is plasticized.

Sixth, the operation speed of the twin-screw extruder parts is stable, but the extrusion material is not stable

1 The material in the hopper is “bridged”, and the barrel feeding is not connected.

2 The debris at the manifold is blocked, and the flow of the extruded melt is not clear.

3 screw feeding section cooling and cooling is lacking, the material temperature is high, sticking to the thread surface, with

The screw is rolled so that the barrel cannot be fed.

4 barrel heating temperature control is not stable, material temperature is high and low, affecting the stability of the melt activity.

Seven, twin-screw extruder parts work tumbling sound is not normal

1The screw is deformed and bent, which is in conflict with the machine.

2 There is metal foreign matter in the screw plastic compound in the barrel.

3 The plasticizing material has a low temperature, and the screw receives a large torque force and is overloaded.

4 The machine and the base coupling bolts are stretched and deformed, and the machine barrel is misaligned during operation.

5 The manifold is deformed or has too many impurities, and there is a blockage here.

Eight, the barrel humidity is not firm. hard to control

1 The thermocouple has poor contact with the temperature measurement part.

2 electric heating aluminum sleeve and the barrel are not in full contact, there are gaps.

3 The resistance wire connection in the electric heater is not strong.

4 temperature control appearance work failure.

Nine, the transmission bearing parts temperature is high

1 The bearing is short in lubricating oil.

2 The drive shaft is deformed and bent.

3 Ball bearings are severely worn or the ball holder is damaged.

Ten, the extruder operation noise is large

1 motor fan rolling button, fan blade hood.

The 2V pulley device is not correct, and the V belt does not work at high speed.

3 Gear meshing transmission lubricant is missing, which constitutes the tooth surface meshing dry interference.

4 The drive shaft is bent.

5 Rolling bearings are severely worn.

6 screw and barrel have conflict

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