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How should the screw components of the extruder parts be disassembled and cleaned?

The steps for disassembling the extruder screw components are as follows:

(1) first heating the barrel to the molding temperature of the residual material in the barrel;

(2) After warming up to the molding temperature, remove the machine head while hot, and arrange the material at the hole end of the barrel and the end of the screw;

(3) Close the power supply and remove the pressure measuring temperature measuring element and heater on the machine head;

(4) Loosen the two sleeve couplings, and investigate and remember the two screw tail splines and marks according to the type of tightening screws at the screw shaft end;

(5) Remove the set screws of the two screw heads, pay attention to the left-handed screws, select the special things removed by the screw, slowly pull out the two screws synchronously, and use a copper wire brush or a copper shovel to smash the material on the outer surface of the screw. Heat quickly removed;

(6) Pull out the screw all the way, lay it flat on the wooden board, remove the screw to disassemble the thing, remove the screw element and heat the screw element. If the material enters the screw mandrel, it is difficult to disassemble the screw element. You can use a wooden hammer or a copper rod. The screw element is slammed around the screw element, and the component is removed after loosening. If it is still difficult to remove, it is necessary to heat it into the barrel from the head. After the material is melted, it can be removed hot.

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