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What are the functions of various extruder threaded components?

Understand the function of the screw components of each extruder, and it is beneficial for us to make more and more reasonable screw combination according to the characteristics of our own materials, so as to complete the production of the product with quality and quantity. Below, Nanjing Fengsheng will introduce the functions of various thread components.

The function of the transport component

There are two types of thread blocks, one is a forward thread block and the other is a reverse thread block. Generally, the reverse thread block length is half the length of the thread block lead.

(1) thread block

The forward thread block is generally attributed to the transport of the threaded element, and the conventional transport element is attributed to the self-scanning type, which is open longitudinally and laterally closed.

It has a strong conveying effect, the material stays in the short period of time, and the self-cleaning property is good. If the melt is filled, the pressure can be established within a short distance. However, if the melt is not filled, the pressure will not be established and the mixing performance is poor.

(2) Reverse thread block

The shape and parameters of the reverse thread block are the same as those of the forward thread block, only the threads are reversed, so that the material is transported in the opposite direction to the forward thread block and the extrusion direction.

When it is used in conjunction with a forward threaded element, the forward threaded element carries material in the direction of extrusion, and the reversed threaded element creates a resistance, so a high pressure must be established before the reverse threaded element inlet to overcome the resistance of the reverse threaded block. In addition, the addition of reverse thread blocks in the system, in addition to establishing pressure, can also promote melting, enhance mixing effects, and add material residence time and shear force.

Characterization method

The forward transport thread block is characterized by:

XX/YY, during which XX indicates the lead of the thread block, and YY indicates the length of the thread block.

The reverse thread block is characterized by:

XX/YYL, during which XX indicates the lead of the thread block, YY indicates the length of the thread block, and L is left-handed, that is, reversed.

Two special instructions

(1) With the addition of the lead, the transported material can be increased, the material staying time is shortened, the build-up pressure can be enhanced, but the pressure changes drastically, and the axial temperature rise of the material becomes slow.

(2) The mixing of the scatter can have little to do with the lead size.

The thread block has a single head, a double head, and a three head. In this case, the maximum number of double-threaded blocks is used, mainly because the overall balance of the two-threaded blocks is higher under the same shear stress and torque effect.

Do you know about the common sense of SKY components?

Speaking of this, we have to talk about SK components. In general, SK components are not required to be installed as standard equipment, but manufacturers often equip SK components in random threaded components.

SK components are generally installed in the feeding section of the feeding section, because SK components have the function of improving the feeding amount, but at the same time, the dedication is a certain mixing function.

Others have to pay attention to the fact that the excessive feeding amount has a certain influence on the mixing of the later stage of the system. That is to say, the use of SK components will have a certain impact on the quality of the final product, so it can be loaded or not. In this case, try not to install the SK component in the combination. The company supplies kneading blocks, thread blocks , shear blocks, screw element extruder barrels, twin-screw mandrel and other products, please contact us!

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