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Energy-saving and environmental protection road for twin-screw extruder parts

Energy-saving and environmentally friendly industrial twin-screw extruder parts are an inevitable choice in the era of low-carbon economy. The twin-screw extruder parts are different according to the different requirements of the twin-screw extruder. Industrial twin-screw extruder parts will follow people's attention to energy consumption, environmental pollution, food safety, and other issues and have a very large space for development. Under the "low carbon emission" strategy of China, energy conservation and environmental protection have become the key points for the development of twin-screw extruder parts. The electricity consumed by the operation of the twin-screw extruder equipment has accounted for a large angle of the total annual power generation in China. At present, the power consumption of China's twin-screw extruder and its proportion is growing, and this share will inevitably be gradually added. Therefore, the development of high-power, low-energy equipment, the use of energy to promote the power of the industry is of great significance.

Three drive elements ensure the development of a twin-screw extruder related to energy conservation and environmental protection. After the import substitution caused by the advancement of skills; the demand for new equipment brought about by the development of cold chain logistics; the launch of energy conservation and environmental protection, the screening of outdated equipment and the analysis of the use of related energy-saving skills, we believe that high power and low energy consumption Screw extruder equipment will be very promising.

Two lines look for an energy efficient twin screw extruder. We use two lines from the refrigeration cycle and new skills to deepen the exploration of relevant industrial and commercial refrigeration equipment and production enterprises with energy saving and environmental protection advantages. In terms of refrigeration cycle, after the energy consumption of fire-related equipment, we mainly focus on the timing of the replacement of piston compressors and centrifugal compressors by screw compressors to replace the enterprises engaged in the production of related products. In terms of the use of new skills, we are optimistic about the investment opportunities brought by the future production and implementation of industrial amateur heat and geothermal heat sources to the production companies that produce lithium bromide absorption units and ground water heat pumps. The company's main products are screw mandrel , extruder mandrel , high-speed side feeder, granulator accessories and other products, please consult!

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